An eclipse of Sun could happen when the Moon passes between Earth and Sun.(At New Moon phase)
Remember the phases of the Moon: New, First Quarter (Crescent or Waxing), Full and Last Quarter (Waning)
About every 29 and a haft days a New Moon occur.(This is the synodic month)
At umbra (the dark shadow of the moon) a total solar eclipse is seen.
At penumbra a partial solar eclipse is seen.
    The orbit (path) of the moon is not a circle (is a ellipse) so the Moon could appear:
  • smaller than the Sun (An Annular eclipse of Sun is seen) or
  • larger than the Sun (A Total eclipse of Sun is seen)
  • or even smaller in some part of the path of the shadow an larger in the other part (A Hybrid eclipse of Sun is seen)
The maximun size of the Moon's shadow is about 274 Km
The Moon rotate at an angle of about 5.145º to Earth's orbit (ecliptic) ,so no every New Moon a eclipse happens
About every 18 years and 11 days The Sun, Earth, and the Moon return to the same places and there will be almost identical eclipses (Saros cycle)
The last Annular solar eclipse visible from Spain occured on 3(rd) October 2005 (BrE). (Oct. 03, 2005 (AmE))
    The next Total or Annular eclipses visible from Spain will occur on:
  • 12(th) August 2026.Total Solar Eclipse visible from Northern Spain.(from east of Galicia, to Castellón and Baleares; but very near the sunset -18:45 UT).
  • 02(nd) August 2027. Total Solar Eclipse visible from Southern Spain.(in Cadiz, Ceuta, Melilla about 8:45 UT)
  • 26(th) January 2028. Annular Solar Eclipse visible from South to East Spain.(but at sunset)


29th March of 2006

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