Choose one of the following topics and write a composition.

●  Write about 150 words

●  Send it to your teacher.   

You'll get it back in a couple of days.  



1 - Write about your favourite friend: What is he/she like?, what does he/she look like, hobbies, job, family, etc.

2 - Which is your ideal place? a city, a village, a restaurant, ...

3 - You want to take the final exam in an E.O.I. Write a letter to the board asking for information.

4 - After a short stay in a chaotic five-star hotel you decide to complain. Write a letter to the manager.

5 - Write an e-mail to your flatmate explaining that you wont' be able to go to the beach. Suggest an alternative plan.

6 - Have you read a book lately? Write a review of it.

7- Write a story that begins: "It was a lovely afternoon, the sun was shining, the birds were singing and I was going ..."

8 - Write a ghost story.